Arsenal star compares Alexis Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Arsenal news Santi Cazorla

Arsenal playmaker Mesut Özil has played with some pretty outstanding players over the years at Real Madrid, Arsenal and Germany.

Speaking at Arsenal’s members day Gunners fans were given the chance to ask players questions. One fan asked Özil to compare Cristiano Ronaldo with Alexis Sanchez and uploaded the response to his Youtube account Genty23.

Three time Balon D’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo probably ranks as the most accomplished player Özil has played alongside but Özil was full of praise for his current teammate Sanchez.

Özil replied by saying: “They are two different players,” 

“You see that in the game, he runs a lot for the team, fights for the team. I just enjoy playing with these players, they are both great players for me.

“Now I play for Arsenal Alexis is a good guy, a good player, and I think all the team are enjoying having him with us.”

Özil and Sanchez are team-mates at Arsenal but were once rivals with playing for Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively.

FA Cup champions Arsenal will take on Premier League title holders Chelsea in the Community on the weekend.

Arsenal have already won two friendly trophies this season including the Barclays Asia Trophy and the Emirates Cup.