Arsene Wenger: Mesut Ozil was not partying in Berlin

Arsene Wenger: Mesut Ozil was not partying in Berlin


Arsenel manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Mesut Özil did not go out clubbing in Berlin after his sides victory over Newcastle.

Özil was spotted in a Berlin nightclub hours after being declared unfit to play due to an illness.

“He went out for half an hour to a birthday for his friend to wish him well,” the Arsenal manager stated at a press conference.

“You can’t stop someone wishing happy birthday to a friend!”

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The former Real Madrid star, who returned to his home country for international duty, visited ‘The Pearl’ nightclub, according to the German newspaper Bild.

Özil was left out of the team against Newcastle United at St James Park due to illness, the club revealed. The Gunners put an end to speculation that Özil had been dropped from the team via their official Twitter account.