Balcova president: 'Could Galatasaray put 9 goals past Arsenal?'

Balcova president: ‘Could Galatasaray put 9 goals past Arsenal?’ [divider]

Balçova president Fatih Komili slammed Galatasaray following their 9-1 defeat against the Lions in the Turkish Cup.

“We took the lead, we could have even scored again,” Kamili said.

“Then Galatasaray scored five goals in 15 minutes, they went a bit overboard scoring nine goals. 

“They went and put nine past us because a few of our players sent tweets mocking them. 

“Well, lets say a few Arsenal players did the same, could Galatasaray put nine past Arsenal?

“Galatasaray have eight international players, the likes of Pandev and Bruma are worth more than our entire budget.

“It is fine humiliating a team that cannot compete, it is a shame they can’t do the same against equal opposition.” 

Galatasaray finished the Champions League Group D in last place on one point, losing 4-1 in London and in Istanbul against Arsenal.

The Lions are currently first in the Turkish Cup Group G with two wins in two games.