Barcelona fans react to Arda Turan display against Spain on social media

Arda Turan Luis Enrique

Turkey suffered their second consecutive defeat in Euro 2016 following a 3-0 loss against Spain in Group D.

Spain put on a great display while Turkey didn’t bother to turn up however, the main talking point after the game was Arda Turan being booed by his own fans.

For those who did not see the incident here it is:


Turkish fans may not have been impressed with Turan’s display but in a bizarre turn of events Spanish fans  started chanting the bearded wingers name.

Turan received more love from Spanish fans and players than he did from his own countries supporters.

One of the most iconic images from the game.

Poor Turan.

The actions of the Spanish fans drew a lot of praise.

Most neutral fans were baffled by the Turan incident.

Harsh or fair?

Even Manchester City star Ilkay Gundogan got in on the act and criticised the Turkish fans that booed Turan.

Gundogan was born in Germany but is an ethnic Turk and wrote his tweet in his mother tongue.