Besiktas president accuses Turkish Football Federation of incompetence over foreign player policy

Beşiktaş president accuses Turkish Football Federation of incompetence  [divider]

Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman slammed the Turkish Football Federation accusing the footballing body of incompetance.

“The foreign player ruling was 6+2 then 6+0+2, this season it became 5+0+3 and then is was changed again to 5+3 and now it has been scrapped all together,” Orman said.

“Now we can play 11 foreign players and sign 14 non-Turkish players. 

“How can the federation make a complete U turn at a whim. 

“I am not against the new ruling but it needs to be long term, most clubs don’t give six mont or one-year contracts we make long term deals. 

“Clubs make 3-4-5 year contracts with players. 

“Today the rule has been changed again when just last year the same powers were explaining to us why only allowing five foreign players to play at any time was a great idea. 

“Clubs made their plans accordingly last season but now that has all gone out the window so what is going to happen to our contracts and transfer strategy that we set up in accordance with the previous regulations?”

The current foreign player ruling states that only five non-Turkish players are permitted to play at any one time and three foreign players are allowed on the bench.