Besiktas vice-president does not rule out takeover

Beşiktaş vice-president does not rule out takeover [divider]

Beşiktaş vice-president Ahmet Nur Çebi has revealed that the club are exploring the possibility of accepting a takeover bid.

“I have been exploring the possibility of a takeover,” Çebi said.

“In England there are powerful Arab, Russian and American businessmen who have took over clubs. 

“In France and Spain there is a similar situation. 

“I am not sure how this would work in Turkey and we would have to explain it properly to the fans. 

“Perhaps shares of the football club could be put up for sale, it will not be easy convincing the fans that this is the right path.”

Çebi underlined that were such a takeover to occur it would have to differ from examples in other European league due to the setup of Turkish clubs.

“The public are generally scared of change and we don’t adapt fast to what is going on around the world,” Çebi said.

“If someone were to invest at that magnitude they are going to make sure their investment is run as professionally as possible. 

“When somebodies money is on the line they have no margin for error. 

“This is something that needs to be discussed in Turkey, there are examples of this in Europe but it would have differ in some aspects as our clubs are not just football clubs, we have other sporting and social responsibilities.”

Turkish clubs are currently fan owned, members are elected in presidential elections held every 2-3 years. Were a takeover to go ahead it would be the first of its kind in Turkish football.