Bosingwa loving life in Trabzon

Jose Bosingwa loving life in Trabzon [divider]

Trabzonspor fullback Jose Bosingwa urged fans to fill the stands against and Gençlerbirliği.

“We want the stands to be full, I urge the fans to turn out to the game and create a championship winning atmosphere,” Bosingwa.

The Portuguese international also revealed that he has settled in well to life in Trabzon.

I am really happy to be here, I love the city and the people here,” Bosingwa said.

“The locals always motivate you, when I walk around town they always come and talk with me, ask how I am doing and give their support. 

“I don’t understand everything they are saying but I love the interest that is shown. 

“People young and old always have something they want to talk about, the people here are great.”

Bosingwa also believes that Ersun Yanal will do a great job.

“Ersun Yanal has really impressed me, everybody believes in him, he makes the players feel appreciated and respected,” Bosingwa said.

“He tells the younger players to look up to me and take me as an example, that was a nice gesture.”