Erciyesspor deserved a point says Tutuneker

Erciyesspor deserved a point says Tütüneker [divider]

Erciyesspor deserved at least a point against Fenerbahçe according to manager Uğur Tütüneker.

Fenerbahçe won the game 1-0 but Tütüneker revealed that he was unhappy with the penalty decision that led to the goal.

“The penalty position was tough to accept,” Tütüneker said.

“Our player was pushed in the back and the ball hit his arm, he did not even see the ball. 

“I do not understand this rule, it makes no sense. 

“We actually played well and did not give Fenerbahçe many chances, we were doing really well until the 65 minute mark. 

“However, we fell under sustained pressure towards the end of the game and could not find an outlet, I don’t know if the players were tired or something but we just could not compete.

“We had a few decent chances but squandered them and you cannot afford to do that against the likes of Fenerbahçe.”

Erciyesspor dropped into 14th place following the loss.