Tottenham beat Inter 6-1 in Oslo, Norway making history in the process becoming the first non-Norweigian side to beat another foreign side in a game played in the Scandinavian country.

Turkish international Caner Erkin played for the last 60 minutes in a match he will probably want to forget in a hurry.

We took a look at how fans reacted to Spurs thrashing Inter on social media.

Tottenham were in a jolly good mood going into the game.

There were a few stunning goals including this one.

And this one

Erkin made a brief performance…

There were a few Fenerbahce fans calling for him to return back to Istanbul after the display Inter put on.

Well that was a little harsh

Not exactly the greatest endorsement

You can say that again!

Well that may be just a slight exaggeration but there is no denying that Tottenham were excellent against Inter.


Was that really Inter?