Fenerbahce were punished with match fixing for not paying Gulen $50m says Yarsuvat

Fenerbahçe were punished for not paying Fethullah Gulen group $50m says Galatasaray president [divider]

Fenerbahçe were punished for not paying the Fethuallah Gülen group $50 million according to Galatasaray president Duygun Yarvusat.

Milliyet reporter Atilla Gökçe claims that Yarsuvat told him the match-fixing scandal was started by the Gülen group after Fenerbahçe president Aziz Yıldırım refused to pay.

“The Fethullah Gülen group wanted $50 million from Aziz Yıldırım, he and Fenerbahçe football club refused and then the legal process began and we all know how it ended,” Yarvusat was quoted as saying in the Millyet today.

The match-fixing case surrounds Fenerbahçe’s 2010-2011 season league title, in which the Yellow Canaries beat Trabzonspor to the championship on goal difference.

Fenerbahçe president Aziz Yıldırım, along with fellow Fenerbahçe officials İlhan Ekşioğlu, Şekip Mosturoğlu, Tamer Yelkovan and Cemil Turan were charged with match fixing and trying to influence the outcome of games.

The Yellow Canaries questioned the legitimacy of the trial and released a statement calling for charges to be dropped.

The statement read:

[box type=”shadow” ]As of 17.12.2013, in TURKEY;
The dismissals at the police department led to the reappointment of more than six thousand policemen, hundreds of which are in senior positions. Nearly two thousand judges and public prosecutors were taken off their cases.
Public Prosecutor Zekeriya Öz, who pushed for the match-fixing investigation, and Public Prosecutor Mehmet Berk, who executed it, were taken off their cases and reappointed to other posts. Director of Organized Crime Division at Istanbul, Nazmi Ardıç, who was found to engage in numerous illegal phone-tapping operations, including those concerning the match-fixing investigation, was removed… Former Deputy Director of Istanbul Police Department, Mutlu Ekizoğlu, who issued the order in the match-fixing operation was dismissed.
As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, we announced that the “alleged match-fixing” operation executed by these dismissed and disqualified persons was based on no concrete evidence other than inadmissible documents, voice and communication records, and police reports obtained through illegal means, and denied by the parties, that the operation had been a clear violation of fair trial and natural justice principles, let alone the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), and that therefore, we do not recognize the rulings reached on the basis of such evidence, by courts with special jurisdiction.
In all trials in Turkey, UEFA Disciplinary Board, UEFA Arbitration Board, and CAS, we were tried on the basis of the police’s summary of proceedings filled with lies and defamation.[/box]