Hamzaoglu – 'I grew up a Fenerbahce fan'

Hamzaoğlu – ‘I grew up a Fenerbahçe fan’ [divider]

Galatasaray manager Hamza Hamzaoğlu revealed that he was a Fenerbahçe fan growing up.

“To be honest I was a Fenerbahçe fan as a kid,” Hamzaoğlu was quoted as saying on Lig Tv.

“But things change when you become a professional, that feeling goes, you start to believe in whatever team you are playing for, wherever you play as a professional you want to do the best for that team. 

“When I first signed for Galatasaray I was with the goalkeeper Altay, the guys in charge of transfers asked me who I support and I told them Fenerbahçe.

“Altay however, was a Galatasaray fan. 

“I actually said I would not sign for then but I ended up joining Galatasaray and Altay joined Fenerbahçe a year later, that is football.”

Hamzaoğlu played for Galatasaray as a player and is currently manager of the Lions.

The 44-year-old coach replaced Cesare Prandelli as manager in December and is yet to lose a Süper Lig game.