How to pronounce West Ham’s ‘Sky Lord’ Gokhan Tore

Turkish names often seem quite unusual when translated to English. For example Fenerbahçe have Volcano Ironhands (Volkan Demirel). Galatasaray have Hamit (Goldenballs) Altıntop and Manchester City have Ilkay (First Moon) Gundogan (Day Birth).

New West Ham signing Gökhan Töre is no different. Gökhan means Sky Lord while Töre means rules/customs/ritual/way of doing things.

Turkish names can also be pretty difficult to pronounce if you are not familiar with the language.

Like Mesut Özil, Gökhan also has the famous dotted o or the Ö but it does not appear once but twice in his name.

His first name is pretty simple and can by split into two syllables, Gökh-hun. Hun as in the Huns or the Hun empire.

Töre is a little more tricky. The closest equivalent of the Tör in English would be the tur sound in turbulence. So Tur-reh would be pretty much the correct pronunciation of his name.

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