Konyaspor Ban Sunflower Seeds From New Stadium

Konyaspor Ban Sunflower Seeds From New Stadium [divider]

Konyaspor have banned Sunflower seeds from the Torku Konya Arena.

Turkey is the eighth largest producer of Sunflower seeds in the world and eating in-shell seeds is extremely popular.


The in-shell seeds are roasted, salted and despite being a healthy snack they are commongly associated with littering in Turkey.

The shell of the seed has to be cracked and discarded to reveal the edible seed. The shells are generally thrown on the floor when consumed in outdoor events.

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The ban was enforced in the home games against Balıkesirspor and Erciyesspor.

Konyaspor will continue to ban Sunflower seeds from the stadium until the end of the season.

The Konya Torku Arena was opened in September is a 42,000 capacity stadium that was opened in September.

The design of the new stadium reflects the culture of Konya, the round shaped tribunes represent the dance of the whirling dervishes and the roof is designed as a spoke wheel.

Konya is renowned for it’s mystical Sufi whirling dervishes and became the first city in Turkey to incorporate bicycle usage into its urban transport master plan.