Liverpool fans react to Emre Can being dropped again for Germany

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Germany beat Italy on penalties to book a place in the Euro 2016 semi-finals yesterday but yet again Liverpool star Emre Can did not feature.

The 22-year-old has yet to make a single appearance over the course of the European Championships.

We took a look at how Liverpool fans reacted on social media to Emre Can being dropped yet again.

There was hope that Can would finally get his big break when Sami Khedira came off injured but to most Liverpool fans dismay it was Schwiensteiger who replaced him.

Irony was on full blast last night.


To be fair Can would have probably taken a better penalty than most his teammates. The hard working midfielder has shown in the past that nerves simply do not get the better of him.

Another theory as to why Can was not used.

Yet more irony.

Some thought Can should simply leave the Germany national team camp and return to his new home, Liverpool.


And yet another theory explaining why Low has not used Can.

Interesting analysis here.


And here is his amazing panenka effort… what a strike it was!