Liverpool fans react to Emre Can display against Sevilla on social media

Liverpool suffered a 3-1 defeat against Sevilla in the Europa League final yesterday despite taking a first-half lead.

Emre Can started his first European competition final but it all ended in tears – literally – for the young midfielder.

We took a look at how Liverpool fans reacted to Can’s performance on the night.

Can’s performance received mixed reviews but there were more than a few critics on the night frustrated with how he played.

Some critics were harsher than others.

Moreno received the lion-share of the blame but some thought Can deserved just as much stick.

There is always one!

Not everyone had something bad to say.

Can also showed a lot of emotion after the came bursting into tears after the final whistle. The 22-year-old may not have had his best game but it was his first European competition final and it definitely meant a lot to him as is evident from the picture.

There was a lot of sympathy for Can after the game.

He also gained respect for showing just how much losing the final meant to him.


There were yet more calls for Can to be captain next season.

Others blamed Can’s performance on Milner not carrying out his midfield duties.