Liverpool fans react to Emre Can performance against Leicester City

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Liverpool beat Leicester City 1-0 at Anfield to end a three-game winless run and move into 8th place in the Premier League.

Emre Can started for the Reds and put on another hard-working performance especially in defence where he made the highest number of tackles (3) and the most interceptions (5) as well as a number of key blocks.

We took to Twitter to take a look at what Liverpool fans had to say about Can’s performance.

The 21-year-old drew a mixed reception ranging from being praised and credited with being the reason Leicester did not score to a fair bit of criticism and banter.

Can’s shooting left a lot to be desired and drew responses such as…

The Germany international of Turkish origin appeared to have had one too many mince pies over the Christmas period as illustrated below.

Can was however, praised for the effort put into the goal celebration after Benteke scored.