Liverpool fans react to Martin Skrtel leaving on social media

Martin Skrtel arrived in Istanbul yesterday ahead of his transfer to Fenerbahce from Liverpool FC.

We took a look at how Liverpool fans reacted to new of the Slovakian international leaving on social media.

Not every Liverpool fan was sad to see the back of Skrtel.

There were quite a few references to the Slovakian intentional being a hard man. This one was pretty harsh.

This one made us chuckle!

There was quite a lot of support for Skrtel and a few fans were sad to see him leave while many others thanked him for his services to the club over the years.

Skrtel turned up in Istanbul yesterday looking rather casual.

Skrtel seems to have been well respected among most Liverpool fans for his hard work and toughness. A ‘proper’ defender it seems.

In fact some fans thought Skrtel deserved a better send off form the fans and the club.