Mesut Ozil is 4th highest paid footballer on social media – Arsenal star earns £33,120 per Tweet

Source: Mesut Özil Instagram

Social media may just be a hobby for most of us but when you have almost 10 million Twitter followers like Arsenal star Mesut Özil it becomes a lucrative business.

Özil does tend to spend quite a lot of his spare time throwing up hand signals, showing off his unusual fashion sense but it is his Adidas posts that contribute the most towards an astonishing £33,120 per-tweet according to the Metro.


Özil is the fourth highest earning footballer in terms of social media endorsements. Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer per-tweet followed by Barcelona forward Neymar and then Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney.

Top 5

1. Ronaldo – £169,280 per-tweet

2. Neymar – £72,320 per-tweet

3. Rooney – £44,620 per-tweet

4. Özil – £33,120 per-tweet

5. Falcao – £32,546 per-tweet

The World Cup winner is the 12th highest paid footballer in the world when his total earnings are factored in according to Forbes.

The 26-year-old is reported to earn a total of £12.43 million per-season, £8.43 million of which stems from salary and bonuses while £4 million derives from sponsorship which makes him the highest paid Gunners player in the current team.