Okan Buruk slams Turkish youth development policies

Okan Buruk slams Turkish youth development policies [divider]

Gaziantepspor manager Okan Buruk has slammed Turkish youth development policies.

“All I hear are a lot of meaningless words and empty promises when it comes to youth development in Turkish football,” Buruk said.


“We have to teach players from a young age, the state needs to change the policy towards sports education, we do not take it seriously in Turkey and struggle to produce high quality players. 

“Not only do we need to produce players but we must produce players of the highest order. 

“We should be thinking about how we can raise generations of homegrown players good enough to play in the toughest leagues.

“But we are just interested in the short term, nothing of this magnitude can be solved in this manner.”

Buruk won seven league titles, the UEFA Cup and European Super Cup with Galatasaray.

The 41-year-old coach was also part of the Turkish national team that finished third in the 2002 World Cup.

Gaziantepspor are currently fifth in the Süper Lig.