Osmanlispor manager threatens to kill reporters

Osmanlispor manager threatens to kill reporters [divider]

Osmanlispor manager Osman Özköylü hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons following his sides 3-1 loss against Kayserispor.

Özköylü threatened to kill reporters at the post-match press conference and had to be restrained from attacking journalists who questioned his management.

“What are you laughing at, I am not doing this press conference,” Özköylü was quoted as saying by Maraton.

“You can’t talk to me like this, you cannot laugh at me, how can you say we get penalties in every game. 

“You better watch yourselves, I will kill you! I will beat you bad.”


Osmanlispor (Ottoman spor) was founded as Ankara Belediye Spor Kulübü in 1978.

The club changed names to Osmanlispor in 2014 and replaced the club’s traditional blue colours and the Angora cat with five purple crescents.

In 2009, Ankara Mayor Gökçek attempted to merge the club with the city’s largest football team,

Ankaragücü, which his son Ahmet Gökçek had taken over as president of and which was struggling with debts.

The father-son duo sought to combine the taxpayer-funded Ankaraspor with the large supporter base of Ankaragücü.

The move was eventually halted by the Turkish Football Federation, which decided to relegate Ankaraspor from the league as punishment.

Osmanlispor are currently first in the PTT.1 Lig.

Despite being named after the Ottomans, Ankara was the location of a battle that almost ended the empire in 1402.

Following defeat at the Battle of Ankara against another major Turkish power of the era Timurids the Ottomans fell into an 11 year civil war.