(Photo) Arsenal star Mesut Ozil wishes ‘older brother’ at Man City happy birthday

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil wished his ‘abi’ – which is Turkish for older brother – Ilkay Gundogan a happy birthday on Instagram yesterday.

In case you are wondering the Man City star is not directly related to Ozil – as far as we know – but they are both ethnic Turks and the term ‘abi’ does not necessarily have to refer to a blood relative. In Turkish the term can be used as a sign of respect. Generally the term is used for a male older that oneself but an exception can be made for a person held in high esteem.

Ozil and Gundogan were both born in Germany but are also ethnic Turks bi-lingual in both the country of their birth and Turkish.

Gundogan turned 26 yesterday and Ozil sent him out a birthday tweet wishing his ‘brother’ all the best.

The City star actually sent a birthday message to Ozil in Turkish and German on his 28th birthday.