(Photo) Gundogan thanks fans in Turkish as Man City risk birthday cake anger

Manchester City star Ilkay Gundogan turned 26 yesterday and he was presented with a birthday cake via a young fan which was all caught on camera and shared by the club.

Gundogan seemed pretty pleased with his caterpillar cake but City risk drawing anger from fellow teammate Yaya Toure who famously kicked up a fuss on his birthday after reportedly not being offered a cake.

Considering Toure has been frozen out of the team by current head coach Pep Guardiola we presume the powerful midfielder was not offered a slice.

Gundogan shared a picture of the cake on Instagram and shared a message making use of English, German and Turkish.

The Germany international is of Turkish origin and bi-lingual in German/Turkish while having a strong command of English.

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes and your support! 🙏🎂👍 #Danke #Teşekkürler

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