Prandelli had communication problems due to language barrier says Silvia Berti

Former Galatasaray manager Cesare Prandelli had difficulties communicating with members of the team due to the language barrier according to his assistant Silvia Berti.

Prandelli would have benefitted from having a Turkish assistant coach stated Berti.

“If we had a Turkish assistant it would have helped, we had communication issues at times,” Berti told Radyospor.

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Due to the foreign player limits Galatasaray were only permitted eight non-Turkish players this season.

Prandelli was reported to have had problems with a number of the highly paid Turkish members of his squad including captain Selçuk Inan.

The former Italian national team coach resigned as manager of Galatasaray in November after falling out of favour with both the club and its supporters following a string of disappointing performances and heavy defeats.

Hamzaoğlu replaced former Italian national team manager Cesare Prandelli as Galatasaray head coach in November under current president Duygun Yarsuvat.

The Lions boss won the league title as a player for Galatasaray and led the Istanbul giants to the championship as a manger in his debut season.