World’s first ‘silent cheer’ using sign language to be attempted in Champions League clash

Silence is not something often associated with Turkish football fans but that could be about to change.

Besiktas aim to change the perception of a supporter culture renowned for being loud, boisterous and intimidating with the unveiling of their silent choir project. The club have been working behind the scenes with the ultra groups on a project to raise awareness for hearing disabilities ahead of the UN’s International Day of People with Disabilities.

The supporters will say ‘Say No To Racism’ and then ‘Black Eagles’ using sign language which will last for one minute. The stands will remain completely silent and communicate through sign language in what will be the first ‘silent cheer’ in a Champions League game – and to our knowledge in the world of football.

The Benfica fans will also be handed information booklets in the hope that they also participate in the sign language show.

The Istanbul giants have started the following hashtags on social media to promote the planned event: #SessizTezahürat, #SilentCheer.

Besiktas are currently third in Group B just one point behind leaders Benfica and are currently unbeaten in the Champions League this season. The first game between the Portuguese giants and the Eagles ended in a 1-1 draw.