6 Besiktas Players Who Started Their Careers At A Young Age In School

Beşiktaş j.k. football team is a renowned Turkish team with starling moments in it’s more than 100 years of history. In their start, they were just a football team, but in time they have created divisions to play several other sports, like basketball, volleyball, boxing, gymnastics, and Esports, among others. The Besiktas players are well known for their discipline and great performance, many of those players started very young and combined their training with their studies. Let us tell you about them in this article.

Professional players that start at college

Many professional players begin their careers in college, some start even younger while attending high school. This is not so rare and has good reasons. On the one hand, sporting professionals tend to have short careers, for example, footballers’ age of retirement is around 45. So, it is necessary to start very young to play several seasons. Besides, when the human body is young, it is stronger and more agile, so players take advantage of these aspects. 

A student that decided to start his or her career at a young age must make changes in his lifestyle because sports at the professional level are very demanding. His eating habits, sleeping routine and schedules will depend on the sport he is playing. Also, they must draw their future around that sport; this includes molding their education according to the sport’s requirements and moving to a town where there are teams with potential. 

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Besiktas players that started as students

Beşiktaş j.k. football team has a lot of examples of professional players that started young and end up having promising careers. In case you need to write a paper about young footballers or just want to read inspiring stories, here we tell you some about these players.

Bülent Uzun

Bülent Uzun is a player that started with the youth team Beşiktaş PAF. He played with them in the season 2007-2008, when he was just 17 years old. For the season 2008-2009, he started at the senior level and was part of the team until 2010. He played as left-back, but currently, he plays defender for Tuzlaspor.

Cumali Bisi

Many professionals recommend to young players to study experienced player’s strategies to improve, and Cumali Bisi is one of the names on the list. He entered Beşiktaş j.k. football team with only 16 years-old, to play in season 2007-2008 and played with this team until 2012. He has posed as central midfield and right-back, but his strong side is defensive midfield. He is currently a defensive midfielder for Boluspor.

Muhammed Demirci

Muhammed Demirci is a football player born in 1995. He entered the Beşiktaş j.k. football team for season 2010-2011, with only 16 years of age. He played for Beşiktaş j.k. until 2015 when he went to the team Istanbulspor. His current position is attacking midfield and has also played as a left-winger and right-winger. He has an overall great performance and had highlight moments while playing for Beşiktaş.

Ali Kucik

When talking about young footballers, Ali Kucik is always a reference. This player was recruited for the Beşiktaş j.k. football team in 2007 with only 17 years-old. He played with them until 2012 and is now playing with Bandirmaspor. He has played as forward and centre-forward.

Kadir Ari

Kadir Ari is one of the players who entered Beşiktaş j.k. football team with only 17 years-old. He had a long career with them that started in 2008 and ended in 2015. He has played as forward and left winger and is currently playing as a midfielder for Uşakspor. His playing style is a sample to study for many other players.

Batuhan Karadeniz

This player born in 1991, is known for being the youngest player to participate in a Süper Lig match. Besiktas news announced Batuhan Karadeniz’s signing in 2006 when he was only 16 years old. He was part of the team until 2013, playing as forward and center-forward. He has a great career and is currently playing for Tuzlaspor.