A look at some of the host cities for Euro 2020

Next year’s Euro 2020 tournament (one which we have a good chance of winning) is set to take place across the continent with 12 cities set to host games. Here’s a look at some of those cities, and what football fans can do there besides watching the game.


Amsterdam is a wonderful city filled with stunning architecture that’s rich in culture and history. Take a boat tour on one of the canals or better yet, rent a bike and explore for yourself. If you’re feeling a little less energetic then check out one of the city’s many museums. The Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House are particular favourites for most tourists and well worth a visit.


A little off the beaten track but still a great place to visit, Baku is an old city famed for its medieval walls. Take a walk through the old walled city and visit some of Azerbaijan’s most recognizable structures. There’s the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, Maiden Tower, and many other historic buildings. Interestingly, there’s also quite a few impressive modern structures, three of which are known as the Flame Towers. Once you see them, you’ll know where their name came from.


Glasgow is famed for its entertaining nightlife, with casinos being one of the most popular venues for a fun night out. There are five casinos in the city that offer everything from poker to blackjack. But before you arrive in this quaint Scottish city, it might be a good idea to get a little practice in with some free spins at an online casino. Remember, don’t get too carried away, you’ve a match to get to.


The Irish capital is famed for its friendly people and craic (fun to you and I). That’s why we’re going to suggest heading for a small traditional pub in the heart of the city. Try the Hairy Lemon or Piper’s Corner, both of which are in the city centre and are great spots for a bit of traditional Irish music. Truth be told, any pub in the city will be good fun during the tournament.


London has always been a great spot for international tournaments, and we imagine that next year will provide more of that great atmosphere everyone at the Olympics experienced not so long ago. In this case, you’re really spoiled for choice with things to do. Visit the Tower of London, go shopping on Oxford Street, or take a ride in London Eye. One thing we’re absolutely sure of, you’ll never get bored in this city.

The other host cities are Budapest, Bucharest, Bilbao, Munich, Rome, and Saint Petersburg. No matter where our travels take us next year, we’re sure to have a good time. London is where we want to be though, right? Lifting that trophy for the first time in Wembley Stadium will feel pretty special.