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Turkish-football.com is dedicated to bringing you breaking Turkish football and world news, articles and interviews in English as well as full Turkish Super League match previews/predictions and reports.

Turkish football has enjoyed a meteoric rise from total obscurity just over 20 years ago. Two decades on significant gains have been made. Galatasaray won the Uefa Cup in 2000, Turkey finished the 2002 World Cup in third place and were 2008 European Championship semi-finalists. The Super Lig has finally started to produce players of a high enough calibre to attract interest from Spain, Germany and England. Players of Turkish origin currently play at the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund among others.

Coverage of Turkish football has struggled to keep up with the pace of change and there is very limited coverage readily available in the English language. We aim to bridge this niche and give footballing enthusiasts access into the world of Turkish football. The site is also a valuable resource for sports gamblers, our team have great contacts inside various clubs and newspapers around the country and every week full match write ups and predictions are given advising punters and handicappers where their money would be best invested.

Since our conception last year we’ve experienced rapid growth and have established ourselves as the number one source for Turkish football. We focus on covering all aspects of the beautiful game, from its grassroots to the very top and everything inbetween.

We hope you enjoy our site and welcome you all to Turkish-football.com.