Ali Koc Reveals How £13m Man United Was Signed, Fenerbahce Won Every Game Since Transfer

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç revealed that he is pleased with the transfer activity this summer and revealed how his team signed Fred from Manchester United in a £13m move.

Koç explained that he got a call from club director Selahattin Baki that they have a chance to sign Fred but that they have to act fast.

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Within two hours sporting director Marco Branco and his assistant Okan Ozkan jumped on a private jet to the UK and managed to complete the deal.

Fred has been one of the signings of the season so far and Fenerbahce have won every game he has played in so far.

The Yellow Canaries have actually won their last 20 games in all competitions and are flying high in the Super Lig as well as the European Conference League.

In an interview on Sözcü TV Koc thanked Baki, Branco and Ozkan for the role they played in bringing in important names like Dusan Tadic, Edin Dzeko, Fred, and Sebastian Szymanski.

With regards to Fred he said the following: “As for Fred, we are at the meeting at my house, Selahattin Bey is in London for another issue.

“I’m sitting with Mario and Okan. I got a call from England. So that you want Fred to come urgently.

“Two hours later there was a plane, they had neither suitcases nor anything, they jumped and went on the plane They finished the job in Manchester that night.

“They worked very well as a team. Thank them very much. Negotiations that last until midnight.”

Fred has three assists in 10 appearances in all competitions this season.