Arsenal fans rage on Twitter after Robin Van Persie tweet

Arsenal fans rage on Twitter after Robin Van Persie tweet

The Arsenal twitter team caused outrage today after sharing a video on Twitter of former striker Robin van Persie scoring the winning goal against Liverpool at Anfield on March 3 2012.

Whoever posted the tweet probably had the right intentions, after all it was a memorable winning goal against Liverpool at Anfield. What the tweeter miscalculated was the level of hatred still felt towards Van Persie from Arsenal fans.

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Van Persie was an Arsenal legend once upon a time before he listened to the ‘little boy within’ and decided to head to Manchester United.

The Dutch star went onto win the Premier League for the first time in his career but his transfer was never forgiven by a large sway of Arsenal fans.

We took a look at how Arsenal fans reacted to the tweet on social media.

As expected there were quite a few ‘snake’ tweets.

The feeling of betrayal and heart break still runs deep with quite a few Arsenal fans

A few calls for the tweet to be deleted.

There do seem to still be a few Arsenal fans who are still fond of Van Persie

A few Fenerbahce fans intervened to back their hero