Arsenal Look to Extend their Football Winning Streak


Arsenal Look to Extend their Football Winning Streak

There is always uncertainty when trying to decide who is going to win a football game. It’s always dramatic trying to watch two huge clubs go toe to toe, but sometimes it’s the smaller club taking down a juggernaut that makes for an even more compelling game, something that usually is reflected in the odds of the game. A good example of that is the match between Balikesirspor and Gaziantepspor, as you can see the odds are 1.46 and 6.40 (source:

Arsenal Rests Starters

It seems that Arsenal could take down Doncaster with their eyes closed. They had most of their regular starters sit for this game in order to be fully rested for their next football game against West Brom. Doncaster is on a three-game losing streak which can’t be very comforting when you are about to play Arsenal.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to us that Arsene Wenger wasn’t starting some of his big football names. However, Mesut Ozil doesn’t seem too happy about it. Apparently, there has been a recent riff between him and the manager which has now been made clear by not starting him this game.

Will Arsenal Finish in the Top 4?

Arsenal is famous for finishing in the top 4 but not taking home as much hardware as they would wish to have. With the rise and huge buys by some of the other clubs this summer it might be difficult to see where Arsenal fits into the Top 4 this season. They will certainly have to play much better against the Top 6 if they want to compete and finish in the Top 4.

Arsenal’s Season Hopes

Arsenal should have no trouble handling Doncaster but the little issue between the manager and Mesut Ozil could prove to be a problem now or later down the road if they don’t solve it. Arsenal is already having enough trouble keeping Alexis Sanchez and if some of the other big names leave like Oxlade-Chamberlain then it could prove difficult to keep their current talented players.