Arsenal’s Ozil: Half Man, Half Lion

Arsenal star Mesut Özil

Arsenal star Mesut Özil who has been sidelined until January with a knee injury has posted another picture depicting himself as a Lion on Instagram.

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The former Real Madrid playmaker did not post a caption along with the picture.

Özil recently revealed that he sees himself as sharing the traits of a Lion.

“I see myself as a bit of a Lion,” Özil said speaking to Fanatik.

“Lions protect their family, they are like a king.

“They know why they want and when they make up their mind they will do anything to get it.

“They don’t care what others think, they focus on their own path.

“If something needs to get done they will do it no questions asked.

“I share some of these traits which is why I got a tattoo of a Lion.”

Özil has a tattoo of a Lion on his arm with the message, ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ below it.

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