Bayindir Wants to Replace Man United Keeper Onana Before AFCON Reveals Agent

Source: Manchester United

Manchester United goalkeeper Sefa Seyrek has revealed that Altay Bayindir does not see himself as second choice keeper and that he has his eyes set on Andre Onana’s spot.

Onana is currently first choice keeper for United but has come under heavy scrutiny for his poor form this season.

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The Cameroon international is expected to join his national team at the Africa Cup of Nations in January but Seyrek revealed that Bayindir is not waiting for the tournament.

Bayindir plans to fight his way into the team before AFCON and his agent believes he will end up playing regularly for the Reds.

Seyrek stated that he was in negotiations with United when David De Gea was in goal and that he made it clear in the transfer talks that they did not plan to join as a second choice keeper.

The agent also feels that now is the time for Bayindir to get his shot and that most people would agree with him.

In an interview published in the Milliyet newspaper Seyrek said, “I did all the talks myself in the Manchester United transfer. I told them that we are not coming as a second choice goalkeeper.

“Onana was not at the club back then. At that time there was De Gea. They couldn’t get along with De Gea. We said we are coming to play.

I think he [Bayindir] deserves to play right now too and I would say most people and the media would agree. My personal opinion is that Altay should be in goal now.

“We are determined to break into the team on merit and not because Onana is going to AFCON. We are taking things one week at a time.

Seyrek also revealed that Bayindir has had transfer offers from Galatasaray but that he does not plan to return to Turkiye at the moment.

Bayindir is fully committed to playing for United and representing his country at Euro 2024 this summer.

“There has been a lot of speculations regarding Galatasaray interest,” he added.

“We have no plans to return to Turkiye at the moment. Altay is focused solely on Manchester United. His only plan right now is to put on the United jersey and make everyone proud. That’s all he wants to do. All of our career plans are here and the European championships this summer.”