Football Betting Rules for Beginners: What To Do And What To Avoid

Football Betting Rules for Beginners: What To Do And What To Avoid

So, here you are in this critically acclaimed world of the mug’s game, where we are continuously reminded:

The odds are against you…

It’s an introduction that does not endear us.

After all, we all love the game of football; we are passionate about it and if we feel, we can earn some money through it by betting the stakes wisely – Why Not?

We agree.

So long as your football betting is done wisely, with the passion of a fanatic set aside.

This is some serious activity that we are talking about here. Peanuts can turn into silver shillings if the bets are placed wisely, while the same silver shillings can also strip you of your monthly rent or at least your food money for the week – if done unwisely.

Your first steps in the football betting world, arguably puts you up against the odds (sorry, for agreeing to it to an extent), but only if you don’t know the rules of the game.

The rules to follow in football betting and the rules to avoid – we are here to share some important ones with you all.

But friends, please know that these are the guiding principles and not the certain success differentiators. In betting there is no “definite” success formula.

The First Rule of Football Betting – Put at Stake What You Can Afford to Lose

Sounds simple, eh?

But, it’s the one golden rule to follow that many football punters forget to follow, and the reason for this is pretty obvious.

A football match result can be decided by any of the twenty-two set of players playing on the pitch, the reserves on the bench, the two managers, the referee, the linesman, the third and fourth officials and you can keep counting the factors.

The more the variables, the higher the uncertainty.

The higher the uncertainty, the greater the chance to lose your side of the bet.

So, put at stake what you can afford to lose. If you are on a winning streak, don’t get tempted by staking a large amount. The bookies will always have an edge, which they will leverage at some point of the betting process, if they failed with their earlier attempts.

The Second Rule of Football Betting – Put Something at Stake, Only When There is a Value     

Value has many definitions.

  • For some football stakers, value is something that gives them the reward worth of the buck placed on a bet.
  • For some, value is something which presents the minimal risk of losing.

From our experience, value is the combination of the above two. You need a high reward which does carry the risk of losing, but where the reward outweighs the incurred risk. If you only think about placing stakes in a bet where there is minimal risk of losing, the rewards are also going to be far less. If you only think about a high reward which is worth the bucks you placed on a bet, you may end up ignoring the risk.

The Third Rule of Football Betting—Do Your Research!

Research is very important. You should only consider betting on football teams and in leagues, about which you know plenty. Like we discussed earlier there are many factors that can decide the outcome of a match. From the roster of players and home and away form, to the state of the pitch, injuries to key players and the match day officials. Once you have enough information, only then should you consider betting.

The Fourth Rule of Football Betting – Avoid Complex Structured Bets

The complex structured bets, the likes of:

  • First goal scorer
  • Last goal scorer
  • Half-time/Full-time
  • Accumulator, etc.

Avoid these types of bets. Because here, the success rate won’t be determined by the research that you have conducted. These bets are cleverly structured, appearing to offer you great value for your money, and it’s this temptation on which bookies bank on.

In case of accumulators you have to predict a list of outcomes before you get to win the bet.

For half-time/full-time, you have to predict two outcomes and if you fail with any, you lose the bet.

Goal scorers? In football, it is the hardest thing to predict even if a team has got the best strike force. The defender often ends up scoring from the first set piece.      

By following these football betting rules, you can successfully and safely gamble in a game, where the odds won’t be against you.