Football Betting Tips: The Illustrious Turkish Super Lig

Turkey - Euro 2024 Turkish Football

Since the boom of online betting in the early 2000’s, the rise in competition for tipsters and football betting tips has seen a significant rise online. This rise has been apparent both in the European Union, but also worldwide. A number of major players have entered this space with the attraction obvious; the recreational gambler is looking for a way to find an edge over the bookies.

No different is this, than in the Turkish marketplace, including expert advice on many leagues; but none more so than the Super Lig, which the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) organises. Established in 1923, though not recognised & adopted by UEFA until 1962.

Similar to UK markets, Turkish betting is a hotly contested, and hugely adopted recreational habit for hundreds of thousands of locals. Gone being the days where people had to visit their local bookmakers on the high street to place a bet, now the Turkish public are able to choose from an array of different betting companies offering a wide array of signup and welcome bonuses.

With such growth, this has naturally encouraged so-called tipsters, or predictors to enter the market. Betting on everything from football to basketball and everything in between; gone are the days where punters had to make their own selections on a weekend of sport. Now, they can trust in tipsters with a good track record of producing returns on small, but consistent bets.

Both reputation & viewing figures for the Turkish Super Lig have increased 10 fold in the last decade. This has forced bookmakers and punters alike to think outside the box and occasionally bet on markets which previously would have driven minimal demand. One thing however, is certain; the rise in quality and exposure of the Turkish Super Lig has made this market boyant.