How to avoid football addiction

How to avoid football addiction

Soccer addiction: considering the psychology of football addicts

Soccer is a great sport no matter either you play it or watch it, although it is the great excitement of this sport that can bring sadness as well. Today, watching soccer or cheering for a team can easily turn into something unhealthy and cause much grief. How does one treat a person addicted to football? What to do with your own football addiction? In this article, we show the readers that addiction is a beast that can be defeated.

How to prevent my passion for football from turning into addiction?

Each time you think about watching football, try to:

  • Go to the gym, exercise or do something involving considerable physical effort.
  • Do something you’ve never done before – try to cook or play a musical instrument.
  • Visit your family or friends.

If you watch a lot of football and always find yourself fretting too much over teams and players, take into account the following:


  • Strong fanaticism is one of the key reasons of depersonalization and related psychological disorders.
  • The success of your team may work as a motivation for you, but it will never substitute your own success. Things rarely change depending on whether your team loses or wins (unless you place bets, which is a completely different area of experience).
  • Sometimes, you become angry, frustrated, sad and so on, because of your team losing. Ask yourself if it is really worth it to be addicted to football in such a negative way – when it simply destroys your mood instead of emboldening you.
  • You will not be more man nor more manly if you choose to repetitively watch soccer games.
  • Usually, soccer players do not demonstrate the best behaviour patterns to follow (the vast majority of them do not live an orderly life).
  • Sometimes, negative effects of football fanaticism simply outweigh positive ones. You waste your time and money, you are no longer able to fulfil your job, you start gaining weight or experiencing malnutrition, fighting with others, your family falls apart – all because of football addiction.

What can I do if I simply like football?

It is not necessary to overload your football passion:

  • Go to stadiums or watch football games a moderate amount of times. Make up your mind to watch one or two games on TV per week, but not more. Similarly, try to go to stadiums not more frequently than once in 15 days.
  • Despite having a favourite team try to keep in mind that this is only a hobby, and not the road into the nets of addiction.
  • Enjoy parties with your family instead of those with fanatic friends.2
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Soccer addiction is not a verdict: when you choose to simply fulfil one or two commitments made to the family you will already feel better. Couple this with making little sacrifices when it comes to watching football and you will see – a good disposition makes your life much more sensible and pleasant!