‘It’s not fair on the other players’ – Arsenal legend slams Ozil and Sanchez despite being responsible for 74 goals

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil

‘It’s not fair on the other players’ – Arsenal legend Martin Keown slams Ozil and Sanchez despite being responsible for 74 goals

Arsenal legend Martin Keown has stated that Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have let the Gunners down this season.

The former England international revealed that he feels the duo’s conduct may have disrupted the team.

Sanchez came under fire following temper outbursts during games while Ozil has been criticised for his relaxed body language.

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Keown has stated that Ozil wasn’t around when Arsenal needed him most and that Sanchez ‘threw his toys out of the cot.’

“It became about Ozil and Sanchez for too long in the season. I think their behaviour let Arsenal down in that period,” Keown was quoted as saying by the Daily Star.

“Ozil wasn’t available for large periods. Was he injured, wasn’t he? Was it sickness was it injury? He didn’t seem to be around when they needed him most.

“Sanchez then had an incident at the club. It felt like he threw his toys out of the cot for a little while. We don’t really know exactly what happened.

“All of that was I think, as a result that these guys were maybe overindulged a little bit.”

“I think it’s not fair on some of the other players, I’ve been a bit surprised how the group have been a bit nice with them.”

In Ozil and Sanchez’s defence, the duo have been Arsenal’s two biggest contributors this season.

Ozil racked up 14 assists and 12 goals this season. Sanchez provided 19 assists and scored 29 goals for the Gunners this term. The duo have been responsible for 74 of Arsenal’s goals this season.

Both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez’s contract’s expire in 12 months.

Arsenal ended up missing out on UEFA Champions League football next season. The Gunners finished the season in fifth place, one point behind fourth placed Liverpool.

The North London-based club take on their rivals Chelsea in the FA Cup final on May 27.