Ozil is ‘worth paying to watch’ says Jamie Redknapp

Former Liverpool player and football pundit Jamie Redknapp praised Arsenal star Mesut Özil following his performance in the 4-1 win over the Reds.

Özil cannot seem to do anything right, he has been criticised for everything from his languid style, to not working hard enough and has been overlooked when he does score.

The most recent example being his free-kick goal against Liverpool on the weekend. The BT Sport pundits were quick to shoot Özil down and describe the goal as being result of a goalkeeping error rather than a good strike.

Liverpool player Steve McManaman told BT Sport, “It was not a sublime free-kick it was a goalkeeping error.”

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Redknapp has however, come out in defence of the World Cup winner and underlined that he is a special player in his latest column for the Daily Mail.

Redknapp said: “There’s no doubt that Mesut Ozil is an easy target for ex-pros and pundits. But when he’s at his best he is worth paying to watch.

“I’d much rather see a quality player do something special than a bunch of grafters with nothing to show for it.

“Against Liverpool, Ozil was at his brilliant best in a massive game. You don’t become a Real Madrid hero or win the World Cup without being something special. Ozil is just that. “

Özil has been directly involved in seven goals in his last eight league games for Arsenal, scoring three and assisting in four.