Social media reacts to Arsenal v Barcelona referee Cuneyt Cakir

Chelsea's defender John Terry receives a red card from Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir

Arsenal lost 2-0 against Barcelona at the Emirates in the Champions League Last 16 first-leg. Lionel Messi stole the limelight with his brace but referee Cüneyt Çakır was not far behind.

We took a look at social media to see what was made of the Turkish referee’s performance on the night.

It all started off rather well for Cüneyt but that was before the game had started.

It was not long before fans started remembering the infamous Nani red card incident. The no nonsense referee has a reputation of being harsh on English clubs in European competition. Çakır has sent off Nani, Steven Gerrard, John Terry and Mario Balotelli in the past.

Çakır is perceived as being a referee with a bone to pick when it comes to Premier League sides but Arsenal had no trouble beating Bayern Munich with him officiating in-fact he awarded the Gunners a controversial goal.

Manchester United fans were soon out in full force making their feelings on Çakır known.

Çakır was later accused of supporting Barcelona.

Some Arsenal fans referred to him as being almost as bad as their other refereeing nemesis Mike Dean.

The rest of the tweets contain one two many profanities for us to share but Mark pretty much sums up what was being said.