The meaning behind the Japanese Phrase “Oshikatsu” and how it relates to online gambling


For many people, the saying “Oshikatsu” is shrouded in mystery. However, what does the word mean and where did it originally originate from? And how can its meaning be applied to modern online interaction and communication? In this blog post, we will be exploring the concept of Oshikatsu and how they turn to オンラインカジノ (online casino gambling), as a part of the Japanese culture. We’ll also delve into how its symbolism extends beyond one culture or country to become relevant for today’s digitally- connected world. Additionally, we’ll discuss why understanding Oshikatsu matters when considering digital etiquette and a supportive online community- so you can apply these learnings as you interact with others on the internet. Let’s get started.


What does “Oshikatsu” mean and how is it used?

“Oshikatsu ” is a word that originates in Japanese culture and simply put, Oshikatsu means the act of enthusiastically supporting someone such as a singer, actor, or idol that you feel particular devotion to. This world and concept are increasingly taking hold in Japan. Other examples of Oshikatsu in Japan are people’s obsessive interest in Japanese pop culture such as manga and anime which has become part of the everyday lives of many people in the country and around the world. The COVID pandemic has seen people put more energy into Oshikatsu which allows them to think more positively as well as broaden their minds.


The history of online gambling in Japan.

Gambling in Japan goes back to the Heian era and it is believed that one of the original games played was one similar to backgammon. In Japan, gambling spread far and wide and was loved by the entire nation, however, it wasn’t until centuries later that gambling laws were put into place and regular people as well as samurai were forbidden from taking part in any betting. In the 13th century, getting caught gambling could mean execution, that’s how serious it was. However, in the 1700s there was a turn of events, and gambling on certain activities became legalized. 200 years later, the Penal Code of 1907 was introduced and all forms of gambling were forbidden. Today in Japan, nearly all forms of gambling are still outlawed and you won’t find any legal land-based casinos as you would find in casino hubs such as Las Vegas. The closest thing to the slot machine that you would find is the Pachinko which was invented in World War 2 and was at the time, one of the largest industries in Japan. Today, Pachinko is still a very profitable and popular form of entertainment in Japan. Pachinko is not considered to be a form of gambling and was made an exception in the Penal Code of 1907 due to historical purposes and its significance in Japanese culture. Another reason why Pachinko is allowed is that there is potential for financial gain involved. In 2018 alone, Pachinko brought in around $200 billion which is several times more than all of Las Vegas. Other forms of gambling that are now embraced in Japan include certain types of sports betting and the lottery.


How “Oshikatsu” applies to online gambling.

Many people in Japan enthusiastically support online gambling and are devoted to this pastime. Oshikatsu can also develop into unhealthy support and devotion for something that can be very time-consuming as well as costly. Online casinos are very popular in Japan with millions of people around the country enjoying this popular pastime. So how does Oshikatsu relate to online casinos and gambling? Well, you will notice at online casinos many avatars are being used as well as anime characters as mascots. The sites themselves express Oshikatsu as well as the fans of the site. Additionally, many games on the site feature popular anime characters from different popular anime series and fans express their oshikatsu by playing the games that have their favorite characters. Many online casinos also reward devoted gamblers with bonuses that they can use to make more money while playing on the sites.