Tricks and tips on making great football predictions

Football is the most popular sport in the world in terms of viewing figures with major nations across the globe boasting professional leagues. The Turkish Super Lig enjoys a healthy following, both among sports fans in Turkey and expats. The global popularity of Turkish football’s highest division stems from some of the nation’s most famous players who lit up leagues in England, Spain and France. The success of the Super Lig’s top teams in the top European competitions – UEFA Champions League and Europa League – is another contributing factor with new fans won on away days.

The Super Lig is also popular with football fans who enjoy making big match predictions for fun, to secure bragging rights over friends or at online sports betting apps. The competitiveness of the league and individual matches from the season, including derby games, makes it an attractive competition to make predictions on. Unlike many of Europe’s top leagues when the outcome of a game is almost a foregone conclusion before kick-off, that’s not the case in Turkey. Any Super Lig team is capable of beating any other on their day which adds to the excitement and unpredictability.

Predicting which team will win the Super Lig in the pre-season is no easy job. Picking out the player that will top score over a season is another popular approach. Which teams will finish first and second, who will score the first goal in a match, how many goals will a match produce? There are many options available to lovers of the beautiful game but how do you choose the market best for you and what things can you do to improve your strike rate in terms of accurate predictions. This article tells all.

Do your research

The volume of research you carry out before making your predictions on a match will decide the success you have. You can’t do enough homework when predicting how a game will finish and the more information you have at your fingertips, the better. Researching football matches, stats and form is easier today than it has ever been before thanks to the wonders of the internet and mobile apps.

You can preview a game from anywhere in the world and in a matter of minutes by gathering today all the info present online. Use your smartphone to ensure this fact finding fits around your daily schedule. Some of the things to look out for when making predictions on a football match from the Super Lig or any other professional division is head to head stats, injury news, the form of both teams, the level of confidence a squad has in their manager and the weather forecast. Arm yourself with information and use that to make accurate predictions.

On their own, the stats gathered won’t do you too many favours and may even seem like little more than pointless data, but it’s how you interpret it when approaching a match. Look at the head to head stats, for example. Have past meetings produced a lot of goals or have they been tight affairs? What is the average goals scored in the last 10 renewals of a fixture? The answer to that question enables you to predict if a game will produce more or less than 2.5 goals.

Does a certain player seem to come alive against a particular opponent or at a venue? Perhaps they have scored on each of their last three games against a team or on their last three visits to a stadium. You now have the info you need to make an educated guess on who will score the first goal. There are lots of options available when making football picks and a simple yet effective one is will both teams score or not? Run through past meetings and check the trends. You may find that both teams have scored at least one goal in each of the last five meetings. You’d then predict both to score again and with this pick it doesn’t matter the final score is, which teams wins and which players score, as long as the game is

1-1 or better. This type of pick is useful as it teaches you how to use the stats to your benefit and is a prediction that will be alive for the duration of a match.