(Video) Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben set to take legal action against Fenerbahce over 'bikini' advert

Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben is rumoured to be considering taking legal action against Fenerbahçe after one of the clubs sponsors Yandex made an advert mentioning him without his permission.

The Hürriyet newspaper claims that Robben was not very pleased with having grown men in bikini’s mentioning his name.

The Yanxdex commercial features two friends sitting at a table poolside reading a transfer rumour in a newspaper claiming that Robben will join Fenerbahçe.


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Yellow Canaries star Robin van Persie enters the scene and tells the guys if they search the word bikini enough times via the Yandex Fenerbahçe search engine Robben will join the club and the ad actually ends with one of the friends sporting a bikini.

Fenerbahçe signed a deal with Yandex over the summer which allows Turkish internet users to access the Yandex browser and Yandex mobile search from the club website and mobile App.

The club will receive revenues based on the number of searches and traffic generated through the Fenerbahçe Yandex browser.

The unique sponsorship method is unprecedented in Turkey and Yandex have been pushing their new campaign through a series of humorous viral adverts.

Fenerbahçe claim that if their fanbase – estimated to be above 10 million – start using the browser for their day to day searches that they will be able to bring in star players with the additional revenues.

Robben and Van Persie are of course Netherlands national teammates and reports of the Bayern winger taking legal action could be nothing more than a publicity stunt… or perhaps we are just being cynical.