Daniel Sturridge has a hard time dealing with the ban

Getafe's Spanish defender Bruno (L) vies with Trabzonspor's English forward Daniel Sturridge during the UEFA Europa League group C match Getafe against Trabzonspor at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez stadium in Getafe on September 2016. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO / AFP) (Photo credit should read JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)

Many footballers have suffered from the consequences of irresponsible betting and gambling. One of them, breaching football betting rules, is Daniel Sturridge. Daniel, an English professional football player, was born on September 1, 1989, in Birmingham. He began his football career at six at the local club, Cadbury Athletic. His father and elder brother Leon coached and mentored him until he joined, at the age of 7, Aston Villa’s young academy. He began his club career with Manchester City, one of the world’s richest football clubs. Young and promising moved to a Premier League rival Chelsea three years later, before switching to Liverpool in 2013. He won the Premier League, two FA Cups and the Champions League with Chelsea and Liverpool until his career was brutally stopped in November 2018.

Sturridge was charged with 11 beating breaches and found guilty on two counts for telling his brother, Leon, to bet on his possible transfer to Sevilla. But Daniel hasn’t given up. In August 2019 he joined Trabzonspor on a three-year deal. He had seven goals and four assists for the Turkish Super Lig before he was stopped by injury issues and by being banished from all football-related activities until June 18th.

The footballer said on his social media profiles that he was devastated by the four-month worldwide suspension and a fine of 150, 000 pounds. The 30-year-old striker mutually agrees with the termination of his three-year contract with Trabzonspor.

Certainly, he is against match-fixing and says it is right to be punished, but in his conviction, his case was overblown and misconceived. In Daniel Sturridge’s words, it has been a very difficult and drawn-out process which made it difficult to concentrate on football. He was not sanctioned because he stepped out of the boundaries and rules, instead, he is going to continue his campaign for professional footballers to be able to speak to their families and close friends freely, without the real risk of being charged.

Additionally, he said that he feels that the illegal betting practice has to be stopped, intelligent, and respectful, he has been brought up to become a fine man with no airs or graces about him. Football is Daniel Sturridge’s future. His family has now spawned four professional players and including Daniel and his father, there are his uncles Simon and Dean who have both enjoyed distinguished careers in English football.

Sometimes it seems to us that it is easy to forget Daniel Sturridge. He was once the first-choice striker for England and also an integral part of an exciting Liverpool team. Many well-known professional footballers are continuing to protest his innocence and laying the blame at the door of illegal betting companies.

On the other hand, there are numerous stories of footballers who refuse to follow the soccer world’s rules and believe that regular gambling is culturally ingrained in football. Another high-profile football player fell foul of breaching the betting rules is Joey Barton. Meanwhile, Martin Demichelis didn’t break any rule in betting, he bet on football matches but on ones in which he couldn’t have any influence. They even involved an independent regulatory commission in the case of low-profile football player Scott Kashket. The commission determined that there were no suggestions that the player was involved in match-fixing.

In a league where gambling sites sponsor more than half of the teams, gambling, when done correctly, is a great leisure tool. It can make you feel great, confident, and alive at the same time. Winning some money is an unparalleled feeling, and for the same reason, many players might fail to know when to stop. This is why appropriate rules and penalties are drawn up by the various governing bodies to ensure responsible gambling.

Let’s face it, responsible betting and gambling can be a fun way to encourage you to cheer even harder for your team in their sports competitions. However, there aren’t only stories of football fans but also many stories of footballers who say that legal and honest gambling is a cultural thing in the soccer world. Football gambling rules are strict and responsible sites can offer informative guidelines which will ensure you are not stepping beyond rules or boundaries.