Diego – 'I am a true number 10'

Diego Ribas

Diego – ‘I am a true number 10’ [divider]

Fenerbahçe midfielder Diego underlined that he is a true number 10 playmaker in an interview with Fanatik.

I am not a forward, I am a true number 10,” Diego said.

“When you play as a number 10 you get marked a lot and they try to close down your space. You can try to drop back and go wide to get more space as a result. 

“For that reason it may seem that I am a midfielder. 

“We look for space to create but I am ready to do what is necessary for my team. 

“I can help with organising the team and my experience can benefit the other players. 

“I am versatile, if the manager wants me to be the brain I am ready, if he wants a maestro I am ready, if he wants a hardworking leader I am ready.”

Diego also revealed that he has been impressed with the level of support Fenerbahçe receive.

“I was not expecting this level of fanaticism,” Diego said.

“Fenerbahçe are a huge club and it is really enjoyable playing here, the fans are really close to the club and it is great to see that kind of relationship.”

Diego played on loan for La Liga champions Atletico Madrid last season. The Yellow Canaries signed Diego as a free agent on a three-year deal worth €3.5 million per-season.