Michael Owen Discusses Güler’s Debut Goal and the Challenges of Young Talent

Michael Owen sits down for an interview with AS USA, ready to discuss the latest La Liga developments. Real Madrid’s dominance continues, but a young player’s situation sparks conversation.

Arda Güler, the Turkish talent signed by Real Madrid, has seen limited playing time due to injuries and fierce competition. However, his first goal against Celta Vigo offers a glimpse of his promise.

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Owen acknowledges the complexities young players face. He highlights the trade-off between regular playing time at a smaller club and the invaluable learning experience gained training alongside superstars at a giant like Real Madrid.

“You can go and play every week for a lesser team”, Owen continues “or you can learn the ropes, train and play with some of the great players. “That’s an invaluable experience”.

Drawing on Phil Foden’s situation at Manchester City, Owen points out that limited playing time doesn’t necessarily hinder development. Pep Guardiola’s successful approach with Foden demonstrates the value of a manager’s guidance.

While Real Madrid’s midfield boasts established names like Modric and Kroos, Owen emphasizes that opportunities will arise in the future. Güler, along with other young midfielders, has the potential for a long and successful career at the club.

The pressure on Güler to play is immense, particularly in Turkey. However, Owen believes Real Madrid and Ancelotti offer the perfect environment for him to develop.

“You’ve not only got the player himself and his entourage, but you’ve also got a huge, passionate nation. But as I say, he’s in good hands. Trust the process… someone like Carlo Ancelotti would be very well placed to manage the situation,” he added.

Owen expresses his confidence in Ancelotti’s ability to manage Güler’s situation effectively, considering not only the player’s needs but also the expectations of his home country.