The hidden factor behind the massive explosion of online betting

All over the world, online betting is a multi-billion-dollar industry that almost every adult can access whenever they want with as few resources as possible. Less than a dollar is actually a big enough capital to run a business in this industry. It is one of the oldest in the world, previously inaccessible to billions.  Until the arrival of the internet, unless one was privileged enough or as the veterans would have it, “insane enough,” this iconic activity business was not for everyone. However, the internet changed everything as it gave it a free ride across the globe. For every sports fan, especially in Sports/football-loving countries like Turkey, sports betting is one of the easiest to carry out social/economic activities today. Until now, this wasn’t the case. Most people attribute this great leap to the internet which is quite correct. However, even in areas with full internet services and quite fair gambling regulations, without flexible payment options like the ones offered by the following bookmakers, access to the best online gambling deals markets will still be a huge limitation.

Easy payment options 

At this point, we can actually think of many funding methods presently at the forefront of this massive explosion of football betting. The likes of Ewallets, credit/debit cards, and most importantly, cryptocurrencies which are gradually becoming the premier tool for accessing the massive pool of betting-related activities online are hardly missed. Initially, despite the presence of internet services and betting establishments online, bookmakers were still not able to market their services probably because the funding options were quite limited. Bank transfer which many people still consider an efficient method for accessing online betting products was the dominant instrument then. Unfortunately, just like today, not many people, especially in less economically thriving countries had bank accounts. Thus, even if they wanted to engage in online betting, without a payment method, it would only have been a wish and nothing more. Moreover, even with bank accounts, delays, charges, and several other factors discouraged many from participating in online betting. With the arrival of online payment options like Neteller, Skrill, Cash2Code, Rapid Pay, and Cryptocurrencies, access to unrestricted betting sites like; 

  1.   Gambling Deals: A multipurpose betting site where punters could easily get to the best online bookmakers and casinos with reliable/flexible payment options including cryptos like USDT, BTC, and ETH; Top betting deals like the best online casino bonuses, the best bookmaker bonuses, easy Mr. Green Sign-up deals, easy Skrill betting, Crypto betting, fast deposit and withdrawals, professional customer services, and the ever refreshing long-standing welcome bonus for Unibet; top betting odds on every sporting event including the best Turkish competitions like the Turkish Super Lig and 1. Lig; And, 
  2. Game2Bet: G2B offers the biggest selection of betting exchanges, sportsbooks, and online casinos and you can be part of it when you register for your own Game2Bet account. This highly innovative betting site accepts  cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, Cash2Code, Skrill, Bank Transfers, and Neteller. You will also get access to a massive selection of sports and betting markets, 24/7 support service, top sportsbook odds, and a deep liquidity betting exchange are also part of its widely acclaimed features. 

The availability of sites like this made the whole difference. Everyone, even those without bank accounts could now access the vast pool of online gambling products directly from their pcs or browsable mobile devices with utmost ease. This special element, that is, flexible/secured online payment options gave everyone the opportunity to easily bet on multiple sports with high odds regardless of their location. It is the hidden factor behind the fascinating multi-billion-dollar online betting industry that continues to expand almost every day.