Tips to Betting the Turkish Super Lig Successfully

Galatasaray supporters celebrate after the football club was crowned champion of Turkey's top division for a record 22nd time on May 19, 2019 in Istanbul. - Galatasaray sealed their 22nd Turkish league title with a dramatic 2-1 win over nearest challengers Istanbul Basaksehir in a capital-city derby marred by violence. (Photo by Yasin AKGUL / AFP) (Photo credit should read YASIN AKGUL/AFP/Getty Images)

The Turkish Super Lig is the top-tier competition in Turkey’s football scene. It is home to millions of enthusiastic supporters from Europe and the whole world-wide and includes 18 teams that translate to 9 weekly matches. The availability of many games per week comes with various betting opportunities. As such, punters have the chance to stake on many betting markets and select one certain game where they can build a successful strategy betting on markets like half-time or full-time scores, top scorer, correct score, and others. 

However, like all other football tournaments, the Turkish Super Lig is no exception when it comes to betting as it can prove to be difficult to win if you do not have the right betting information in place. Most often, the games which occur towards the start of the league are hard to predict for people new to betting, but more experienced bettors know how to effectively manage their bankrolls and convert difficult situations into profitable bets. 

Whoever said that betting successfully needs skills is certainly right but thanks to the new technologies there are smart and efficient ways to use someone else’s knowledge and expertise. For example, there are hundreds of betting experts, tipsters and analysts posting betting tips regularly available at

How Does the Turkish Super Lig Operate?

As we mentioned earlier, the Turkish Super Lig involves a total of 18 soccer teams with the season running from August through to May. The entire season works using a format called the Double Round-Robin system. Through this system, each soccer team gets to play home and away matches against other teams in the league summing up to 34 rounds the entire season. 

When two teams tie on level points, the determination of the tiebreaker is through a one-on-one meet before using the clearer goal difference. The winner of the season automatically qualifies for the UEFA Champion League’s group stage while the 1st runner up goes into the 2nd round selection. 

The 3rd and 4th teams after the season ends, secure places for the UEFA Europa League’s qualifier rounds. The bottom three teams get into relegation for the Turkish 1 Lig. Consequently, the top two teams from the Turkish 1. Lig and winners from the league’s playoffs replace the three relegated teams.

Expert Betting Tips for Turkish Super Lig       

Through this guide, we’ll give you expert tips that you ought to take into consideration before deciding to gamble the Turkish Super Lig. To make it easier, we’ll break it down into three parameters which are league matches, the Super Lig table, and the season’s top scorer. 


  • How  to Bet Successfully on Turkish Super Lig Matches 


To begin with, keeping a close eye on the top teams of the league is crucial. In case the season isn’t topped by a tercet of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, and Besiktas, then you should note who among them is shaping up how. Nonetheless, in case either of the teams loses its form, then the remaining two should be your favourites.

Also, another vital aspect to consider is the performance and playing forms of the best players. Football enthusiasts probably know that an entire league season is long enough for the strongest players to lose their form. If, for instance, Fenerbahce’s strongest player sustains an injury or generally loses his form, then it could spell doom for the entire team in any serious game. So, in such a case, you should restrain yourself from betting on a win from Fenerbahce. As such, always follow updates on such info as it will help you during your pre-bet analysis.

Moving on, it’s also important to keep in mind the vital nature of a match with regards to their upcoming fixtures. For example, if Galatasaray is competing against a key team in an upcoming Champions League match set during mid-week, then they might not pull their full potential in a weekend fixture against an average table team.

Sometimes, a club could field their less-stronger players in a league game which could potentially lead a disappointment. Take, for instance, if Fenerbahce are on top of the season’s standings and they are to play the bottom team before a more serious Champions League qualifier match against a top English Premier League club. In such a case, also take note of the bottom team as it could use that chance to defeat the top team even if in theory, they are to lose.

Finally, don’t forget to maximise your potential wins by staking on the most profitable odds available. To do this, visit different bookmakers and try to compare the available odds before placing your bets. 


  • How to Predict the Turkish Super Lig Table


Along with betting on specific matches, you could also place your bet on the Turkish Super Lig table. Various online sportsbooks will keep on throwing odds like which clubs will qualify for the Champions League or the Europa League. Even if most of the time leagues are unpredictable, the available odds could be rewarding in the long run. 

At the end every season, the winner automatically qualifies for the next season of the UEFA Champions League while the 1st runners up will secure a place among the league’s qualifiers. The second and third-placed teams then qualify for the UEFA Europa League. 

Other times, there could be odds on who will join the relegation as well. Most times, the results of previous Turkish Super Lig seasons would help in predicting the possible outcomes to these odds. 


  • Betting on the Turkish Super League’s Top Scorer 


Just as any other football tournaments, online bookmakers will provide bettors with odds to stake on the league’s top-scoring player. The Super Lig has a lot of games and enthusiasm from various players who could potentially bag the top scorer award. Therefore, in this particular option, you could make a more calculated and educated prediction to limit your risks. 

However, some guides could aid you in making more accurate predictions:

  • A single striker playing has a higher chance at the leaderboard than one who plays in a two-striker formation. 
  • Get to familiarize yourself with a particular coach’s mentality on winning. 
  • Consider strong players from among the top four teams. 

Final Thoughts!

Every gambler can bet and make money from the Turkish Super Lig and your aim should be finding an edge above the bookmaker. As such, a successful bet could also involve finding out more about the form of a certain team participating in a match. 

Always staying ahead of the bookies and using your knowledge appropriately, could potentially secure you awesome profits.