Vodafone Arena will be Turkey's first environmentally friendly stadium

Beşiktaş board member Umut Güner revealed that the Vodafone Arena stadium will be the first environmentally friendly stadium in Turkey.

“The Vodafone Arena will be the most modern stadium in Turkey,” Güner said.

“This will be Turkey’s first stadium to be environmentally friendly, we will use solar energy and store rain water for usage. 

“The Vodafone Arena will be the first stadium in Turkey to be officially recognised as a green stadium. 

“The air conditioning and cooling system will use products which do not damage the ozone layer.”

Güner also confirmed that all the VIP boxes had already been sold and thanked the fans for their support.

“We have sold all our VIP boxes already and our season tickets are on sale,” Güner said.

“This stadium was built by the club, by the fans and members of the club. 

“I want to thank all the fans for their support during this difficult process and standing by us all the way.”

The İnonü is currently being rebuilt, the new Vodafone arena will be a state of the art, 41,903 seater stadium. The distance between the pitch and the stands will be just 6.15 metres.