Prandelli will remain Galatasaray manager says Albayrak

Prandelli will remain Galatasaray manager says Albayrak [divider]

Cesare Prandelli will remain in charge of Galatasaray according to board member Abdurrahim Albayrak.

“We are happy with our manager,” Albayrak said.

“We made the same mistake of undermining Lucescu when he was in charge but I always supported him.

“I sat with him till the early morning before we made the huge mistake of getting rid of him.

“We have to give Prandelli our full support and put faith in him.

“If we believe in him he will be more comfortable and we will achieve greatness.”

Albayrak responded to vice-president Hamdi Yasaman claiming that Galatasaray were open to the Mircea Lucescu taking over if he wanted to.

“Lucescu has always been loved in the Galatasaray community,” Yasaman said.

“However, we have decided to stick with Cesare Prandelli but you never know what will happen next season.

“Lucescu is always an alternative, our door is always open for him.”

Yasaman was accused of undermining Prandelli with his latest statement.

Prandelli took charge of Galatasaray this summer, the Lions are currently second in the Süper Lig on goal difference.