Senol Gunes – 'There is no justice in Turkish football'

Bursa Atatürk Stadium
Bursa Atatürk Stadium

Şenol Güneş – ‘There is no justice in Turkish football’ [divider]

Bursaspor manager Şenol Güneş believes there is no justice in Turkish football and that the authorities are abusing their powers.

“We get fines and punishments for everything,” Güneş said.

“Every day there are new fines given for ridiculous reasons, sure punish people when they are in the wrong but what is going on now is a farce. 

“There is no justice in Turkish football. 

“It is better to shut up and not say a word, if you criticise anything you get punished, we have despotic people issuing fines and suspensions as and when they see fit but turning a blind eye to other incidents. 

“I have a right to talk, if there are problems I have a right to address them but I will probably get fined for this. 

“I am an old man now but what I am most worried about is the impact this is having on the youth.”

The Bursa Atatürk stadium Maraton stand has been issued with a supporters ban due to fans swearing in previous game.