Which are the best Turkish football players that people can bet on with an active bonus?

Turkey is an interesting country regarding sports because people there like many different things. Although eSports is becoming more popular in the country daily, football is also up there, so it is no surprise that many people who like gambling pay attention to this sport.

There are different sports that people can bet on in Turkey, especially if they find the optimal operator. For example, the bet365 sign up offer allows new clients who want to bet on some of the best Turkish players to find a lot of individual markets and offers. Most sites may only pay attention to the most popular leagues, but the best of the best will also have at least a couple of alternatives for the best Turkish football players.

While talking about those, we have to take a step back and see which are the names that stand out. Turkey is home to a lot of big names in the sport, but those you are about to see are more popular.

Hakan Sükür

When people hear the word football and Portugal, they automatically think of Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, it’s safe to say that Hakan Sükür has the same effect on those who think of Turkey and this sport. Hakan Sükür is a living legend and the best striker that the country has ever had. He was a part of many top football clubs over the years, but most people will remember him for being the country’s top goal scorer and the reason why Turkey performed extremely well in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

Hakan Sükür has a total of 112 matches and more than 51 goals for his country, making him the best. Another interesting fact about the player is that he scored the fastest goal at the World Cup because, in 2002, he scored around 11s after the start of the game.

Rüstü Reçber

After highlighting Turkey’s legendary striker, it is time to address the second big name on the list – Rüstü Reçber. Some football fans may not remember him, but he is the country’s top goalkeeper and the player with more than 120 matches for Turkey’s national team.

The football icon has been a part of a lot of big names in Europan football, but similar to Hakan, he will mostly be remembered for his incredible performance in Korea and Japan. He and Sükür were the main reasons why Turkey got the Bronze medals.

Tugay Kerimoglu

Finally, we have the third player on the list, and he became one of Galatasaray’s leading players at a very young age. The talented midfielder has also helped his country a lot because he was a part of the team for many years.

What’s interesting about this player’s professional career is that he played for several big clubs. Perhaps most people will remember him for his transfer to Blackburn when the club was a part of the Premier League, but it is also worth knowing that he played in Scotland, where he was a part of Glasgow Rangers.

Even though the player was never a goal-machines, he has helped his teams a lot, which is why many of the best football managers in the world regard him as one of the best in his position. While it is true that this player is no longer playing, he will go down in history as one of Turkey’s finest.